Doula Services

Laboring in a tub

My current fee for this services is $1,100.

As a Doula, I am contacted by families as early as the 1st trimester and just days before birth.  My services have a wide range and are defined by each family and what their needs are specifically.*

Upon receipt of deposit for my services, I will be available to you for questions and concerns via phone & email. We will have 2-3 pre-labor visits, to get acquainted, talk more about how I can best support you and protect your experience. During labor and birth, my continuous support is offered.  I provide any and all comfort measures which include knowledge of position changes, emotional support, comforting touch, massage, and partner/family guidance. After birth, I can assist you with your first breastfeeding moments, questions, concerns, and even your first family photos!

My fee takes into consideration the average amount of time that I spend with a family before, during & after birth.  It allows for my payment, cost of materials, travel & resources utilized during the time spent with my families.

I believe in a Doula for every woman going through this wonderful life experience! I charge a flat rate with flexible payments plans, and feel money should NEVER be reason to not receive support. Bartering is even considered in special circumstances. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Let’s talk!

My goal is for us to be a team during the last days of your pregnancy, your many moments in labor, and the joy that will be your birth!


*I am NOT a medical professional. I cannot prescribe medications, do vaginal exams, or make medical judgments and will refer you to your care provider in medical scenarios.