Midwifery Services


It is important that we recognize the power and importance of

the right environment + the right birth team = Success.

Willow Birth Services was born in 2007 with desires to provide support and educational options for families from all walks of life in Oklahoma. Adding Midwifery care to my services, just expands on my ability to continue to fulfill this need.

I love nothing more than to provide those I serve with warm, family-centered, evidence-based care. I believe that pregnancy, labor, birth and breastfeeding are physiological events and a part of the natural & beautiful moments in life that can be enriched with exceptional prenatal care, the education you desire, support and the right care team.

I feel strongly that each pregnancy and birth is unique to each person and should be treated as such.

I believe that all babies are whole, conscious, feeling, beings and should be treated gently, with love and consideration before, during and after their birth.

I believe in the absence of special, medical circumstances that birth, if left to unfold in its own time, happens the way that nature has designed; perfectly.

I offer no obligation, free consults and would absolutely love to talk with you about your birthing desires.

My goal is simple: Safe, individualized, informed and supported care.

My current fee for this services is $2,100