Midwifery Services


My current fee for this services is $1000.

As a Midwife’s Assistant, my primary role is to support and assist the Midwife in both the clinical and the birthing environment. I often act as the 2nd set of experiencedtrained and capable hands whose job description is quite broad and often flexible within the birthing environment.

I have advanced training that includes Birth Emergency Skills, current NRP and Healthcare Provider CPR certifications.  In a community birth environment, I hold a safe birthing space alongside your Midwife.

Once hired, I will attend several prenatal visits with continuing care into the postpartum period to complement the care of your Midwife.

While I can provide Doula-style support during labor, my primary role is to support your midwife and your birthing process clinically. If you are birthing for the first time or planning a VBAC, I absolutely recommend exploring the benefits of dedicated Doula support during labor. I am happy to provide you with recommendations!

It is important that we recognize the power and importance of

the right environment + the right birth team = Success.