Assistant Services



+ What is a Midwife's Assistant?

A Midwife’s Assistant, is usually an experienced Birth Doula with advanced training. She has completed an education process often including an apprenticeship to become a trained and certified. The Assistant keeps current CPR & NRP certifications and has Advanced Birth Emergency Skills training. She is someone who can confidently monitor the mother and baby’s vital signs both during labor and immediately postpartum. This person is often a Student of Midwifery herself. Her job is to assist the Midwife and family in keeping a safe, loving, supportive environment for the laboring mother, partner and other chosen labor support on her team. The Assistant may arrive before or with the Midwife and will remain in her clinical role while supporting the family and Midwife where needed throughout the course of the labor, birthing and immediate postpartum period. She will often remain up to several hours postpartum to help ensure mother and baby are medically stable and the home is clean & tidy before leaving.

+ What can I expect from a Midwife's Assistant?

  • Prental care along side your Midwife in at least 5 of your personal prenatal visits.
  • Labor care that includes basic comfort measures, positional changes and general overall mental & emotional care of your partner and family.
  • Use of my TENS unit in labor (if available)
  • Breastfeeding support immediately after birth & the first 2 weeks postpartum
  • One postpartum home visit 3-5 days after birth to clinically assess well-being of you and baby that will complement the care of your Midwife.
  • The Assistant will attend the 36 week prenatal visit to help ensure we are understanding and knowledgeable of your labor/birth preferences and expectations.

+ Do I need a Doula if I have an Assistant?

Having dedicated Doula support during your birthing time is important. If you are birthing for the first time unmedicated or having your first vaginal birth, I highly reccomend seeking the support of a professional Birth Doula. While I have and can act in a dual capasity, my main role when hired as a Midwife's Assistant is to support your Midwife and you from a clinical perspective. I am happy to provide reccomendations if you do not already have someone in mind.

+ How far do you travel for a birth?

I currently reside in NW Oklahoma City/Yukon area and will travel up to 1.5 from my home to attend births as an Assistant. Furthur travel is case by case basis and may include a travel fee.