Midwifery Services


+ What is a Midwife’s Assistant?

In a planned out of hospital birth, she is often an experienced Doula with advanced training, certifications and clinical skills. She maybe on a path to Midwifery as a Student Midwife. The Midwife’s Assistant may arrive shortly before or with the Midwife to help assess and monitor mother and baby. The Assistant will remain in her clinical role while supporting the Midwife where needed throughout the course of the labor, birthing and immediate postpartum period. The Midwife’s Assistant often works in partnership with the Midwife prenatally & postpartum to assess mother and baby’s well being in the early hours and days immediately postpartum.

+ Do I still need a Doula if I have an Assistant?

It is very important the the family have the support they both desire and need. If this means you have hired a Midwife and an Assistant for your birth {out of Hospital} but feel strongly about having a Doula or feel torn about the Assistant acting in dual capacity in your birthing space, then the answer is YES! Hire a Doula. Often, Assistants will offer a “Doula Discount” to a family who has a desire for a Doula for labor support and will only be expecting the Assistant to be in sole active support of the Attending Midwife.

+ What is a Monitrice?

Monitrice (mon-ah-TREECE) is the French word for “coach” or “instructor”. She is often an experienced Birth Doula with advanced trainingand/or certifications that enable her to monitor the mother’s vital signs & the heart tones, cervical dilation and position of her baby or babies throughout the course of early labor. Once active labor is well-established, the Monitrice accompanies the family to the hospital. Upon admission, the Monitrice hands over clinical care to the L&D staff and then steps into the role of the Doula, providing emotional and physical support to the laboring mother. She will not continue to perform any clinical skills (fetal heart tones, cervical checks, blood pressures etc.) at the hospital. A Monitrice is an excellent option for families who are planning hospital births. This allows them to safely & confidently plan to labor at home in early labor to avoid unwanted and often unnecessary intervention.